Any BTS fas who are currently studying at UC Berkeley?

Ever dreamed of discussing and studying about your favorite idol group in class? Great news! The university will now be offering a two-credit course that will explore in-depth about the BTS phenomenon.

According to reports, the course is run by two students who happen to be BTS fans, as they wanted to “create a space to analyze the BTS phenomenon.”


The course, titled as “Next Generation Leaders: BTS”, is part of the Democratic Education at Cal program.

You can check out the course description below!

“This course will focus on Korean boy group, BTS, and their global impact. We will attempt to explore the group’s history, artistry, philanthropy, and many other aspects in order to analyze their growing impact in society as well as their international success. Additionally, we will dive into the intricate world they have created through their album concepts and videos, also known as, “Bangtan Universe.” We will also look at media texts like articles, interviews, and the group’s own music videos to allow students to think critically and create their own theories about the group’s success.”

The course is only available to students enrolled in UC Berkeley at the moment, but might be available some time in the future to the public.


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