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You may have already heard of the controversy on the 'Idol Producer' that China is showing because of its obvious similarity to Mnet's 'Produce 101'. Many Korean netizens find it ridiculous on how China is just copying the show and inviting K-Pop idols with Chinese background to be the mentors. They include PRISTIN's KyulKyung, EXO's Lay, WJSN's ChengXiao and so on.

With all the previous controversies, China has finally purchased the copyright license from Mnet legally to make their own version of 'Produce 101'. Its first episode is expected to broadcast in April.

Fans Unhappy With WJSN's MeiQi & XuanYi Joining Chinese 'Produce 101'

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However, one thing that got fans upset is how WJSN's MeiQi and XuanYi will be joining the show as trainees and not mentors.


Because of how WJSN's ChengXiao has already appeared on 'Idol Producer' as a mentor, it shows the vast difference in ability and bias between these members. Being members of the same idol group, it is questionable as to why MeiQi and XuanYi have to go through such survival program whereas ChengXiao gets to appear as a mentor on a similar survival show. In addition to that, fans pointed out that ChengXiao, MeiQi and XuanYi had previously performed together on 'Hunan TV's Lantern Festival 2017'.


Fans Unhappy With WJSN's MeiQi & XuanYi Joining Chinese 'Produce 101'

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This is similar to how the Chinese trainees of YueHua Entertainment who had appeared in Mnet's 'Produce 101 Season 2', joining 'Idol Producer' as trainees. They were Jung Jung and Justin. Fans are questioning the decision behind made by Starship Entertainment even though it was officially announced that their schedules with WJSN will not be hindered.

Fans Unhappy With WJSN's MeiQi & XuanYi Joining Chinese 'Produce 101'

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Moving on, another controversial part for the panel of mentors is also stirring up among netizens. Ex-EXO member Tao is announced to be one of the mentors who will guide and teach the trainees on the show. As mentioned earlier, EXO's Lay is a mentor on 'Idol Producer' and inviting Tao for 'Produce 101' Chinese version may cause unnecessary controversies in the future.

Despite displease from their fans, many wish the girls all the best as to their journey in the Chinese version of 'Produce 101'.


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