Life as a K-Pop idol can be quite busy these days as they have so many things to do such as defending their idols' honor, supporting them, and making sure anyone who says they're anything other than amazing gets what they deserve.

And it can even be annoying sometimes when seeing what they built becomes misunderstood by the rest of the world, passing the genre off as a mere temporary trend being a classic example. It's happened before with other genres too such as rock and EDM. The die hard fans often run into people who pretend to know a lot about the genre but are actually just following a trend.

Below are some things that seem to cause headaches for K-Pop fans.


When A Friend Or Acquaintance Has The Same Bias As You

He's mine! She's mine! But no. Unfortunately, K-Pop idols who look attractive to one person will probably look equally attractive to the rest of the population as well.


The Choreography Is Just Too Difficult To Follow

Fans pay very close attention to a lot of details about their idol groups. And that means they know in their heads how a choreography is executed, but the problem is, their bodies just won't listen and move the way it should.



Stylists Who Commit Fashion Crimes On Idol Groups

The backlash stylists face from fans for dressing K-Pop idols in an ugly manner is intense. In fact, issues like this usually make the front page news of South Korean news agencies.

Ultimate List Of Things That Irk And Annoy K-Pop Fans

YMC Entertainment

Ultimate List Of Things That Irk And Annoy K-Pop Fans



What Does The Position 'Visual' Even Mean? They're All Beautiful!

While most groups have all their members looking well above average and beautiful, there's always one member who is considered to be the most beautiful and takes on the position of 'visuals'. But what about the rest of the members? They have visuals too! Right?

Ultimate List Of Things That Irk And Annoy K-Pop Fans

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New Fans

Somewhere deep inside, fans probably wish there was some kind of exclusiveness about being a fan of a group. Well ok, not all of them. But some fans literally behave like mean girls in high school and won't easily let a new fan in the gang.


The Overused Slang Terms

Slay! Queen! King! (Insert adjective) AF!


The Agency Intros Before MV's

BTS fans reportedly requested Big Hit Entertainment to stop showing the ivory grey screen with the cheesy background music that plays every time before a MV begins.



Designer Clothing That Costs More Than Everything You Own

You want to try and dress like them. Should be easy right? Well not if they're wearing Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, and other high end designer brands that can't be emulated unless you pay a fortune.

Ultimate List Of Things That Irk And Annoy K-Pop Fans



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Oct 29, 2018 12:36 am
  • Immature fans
  • Antis
  • Not being able to attend concerts even when they come to your area
  • Being too broke to buy albums and merch
Oct 26, 2018 06:55 pm

You left out rival fandoms