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Sometimes, it's hard to make friends who work in different fields. There are not much time to encounter such people and though there was an encounter, we are lost of what to say. Common interests can be so diverse, one may meet someone who is completely different from oneself. 

However, there are always those who keep a wide connections even stretching to those who don't seem to have common factor.

V of BTS is one example of such person.

Though fans have already knew that V of BTS keeps a broad network of friendships, a friendship with actress Ha JiWon was never expected until a photo of them together was uploaded in JiWon's SNS. 

Unexpected Friendship Shown Between Actress Ha JiWon and V of BTS

Ha JiWon Instagram

With their selfie, JiWon commented "Lost a track of time while we were talking about photography and work. A relaxing brunch with V. #BTS #DNA"

Ha Jiwon looked stunning in the picture while V looked as adorable as he used to be. It was quite amazing to see how not much age gap was felt between the two people who actually have quite an age gap. 

From Park BoGum to Ha JiWon, he seems to have wide connections with not only musicians, but as well as actors and actresses. Fans are really curious of whom would V's network of friends stretch to. For V, no standards such as age, working area, gender, seem to matter in making friends!

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