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After KBS "The Unit" has ended, the final members of the debuting girl group UNI.T is seen with their zeal and enthusiasm for their official debut, estimated at the beginning of May.

To have a better understanding, they are named as UNI.T, which stands for the harmony and unity among the members to be the best group. The final 9 members are JiWon, SuJi, HyunJoo, NC.A, EuiJin, JinYe, YoonJo, YeBin and WooHee.

UNI.T Hopes For Better Beginning With Upcoming Debut Possibly In May

UNI.T Official Instagram

Earlier in March, they held a fan meeting together with debuting boy group, UNB. During the fan meeting, the girls shared their feelings about debuting again.

Although they are from different groups originally, they believe in each members and showed their outstanding teamwork with one another. HyunJoo mentioned that she was thrilled to be part of such a huge fan meeting. This new beginning is similar to a stepping stone for her and she promised to show her best till the very end. She also hoped that they would be able to win number one on music shows and charts.

On the other hand, the girls hoped to be able to experience a variety of promotions during their time together as a team. YoonJo showed her desire to go on reality program to show the audience their outstanding teamwork. She really hopes that through these opportunities, they would be able to show their charms and talents to those who have not seen them.

Recently, UNI.T had made their appearance on KBS "Immortal Song" and their performance could be seen on the upcoming episode airing on April 7th.

JiWon had also appeared on MBC "King of Mask Singer" and wowed the audience with her amazing vocal skills. She was very happy to be able to appear on the show and uploaded pictures on her Instagram account.

With the members appearing on different shows and the will to become the best, the new beginning for these 9 girls seems to be very bright and promising.

We wish them all the best!


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