BTS appearing in exam questions is nothing new these days as the trend-setting K-Pop idol group who have also set historical records is the biggest thing in South Korea at the moment, being present almost everywhere, even in politics at the moment as well.

But just recently, Seoul Women's University's art department included an entrance exam question that has sparked controversy among netizens.

The question asked the applicants to express the image of BTS in the most artistic manner they can imagine.

University Entrance Exam Question Involving BTS Sparks Controversy


Some netizens argued that the question that was presented in the entrance exam was inappropriate as applicants may not be interested in neither BTS nor K-Pop and that the interest of either of them depends on preference and taste, and not required knowledge. In addition, some have also raised concerns that the fate of whether some applicants get accepted or not may possibly depend on whether they are or aren't fans of BTS.

Others have argued that an arts school is inevitably sensitive and aware of trends and that there was nothing inappropriate about a question about the idol group appearing on the exam.

How do you feel about the exam question? Was the university not thinking straight? Or are netizens over-reacting?


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