The "Unnie's Slam Dunk" is getting their second season into full gear with a surprising list of old and new cast members!

"Unnie's Slam Dunk" is a popular variety show program that aims to fulfill the long time hopes and dreams of its cast members. During it's first season, the show had fulfilled various noteworthy dreams, such as Min HyoRin's dream to join a girl group. The second seasons aims to bring forth the same exhilarating challenges and laughs, but have a clearer focus on stage performances.

With the new concept being described as "Girl Crush", KBS just announced its full cast list for its new season. The show will feature the old members Kim Sook and Hong JinKyung, with the addition of new casts Kang YeWon, Han ChaeYoung, Hong Jinyoung, Gong Minzy, and Jeon SoMi. The list is gaining a lot of attention for its multiple surprising faces.

Han ChaeYoung has always been known for her glamorous girl crush characteristics, as Hong JinYoung is well known as the girl crush of the trot genre. Additionally, Gong Minzy will be making her first screen appearance since her departure from 2NE1. This will also be Jeon SoMi's first schedule announcement after completing her final schedule as an I.O.I member at the end of January.

With its full 7 cast members revealed, the show will return with its second season in mid-February through KBS 2TV.

"Unnie's Slam Dunk" Season 2 Reveals Surprising Cast List

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Jan 17, 2017 02:22 pm

Somi... I will watch this show 🙂