UP10TION Lee JinHyuk Criticized For Imitating Nam DoHyun?



UP10TION Lee JinHyuk Criticized For Imitating Nam DoHyun?

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UP10TION member Lee JinHyuk, who gained a lot of attention during ‘Produce X 101’, recently visited Thailand on September 15th. He was able to connect with his admirers at his fan meeting. However, a video that was played during the fan meeting caused fans of Nam DoHyun to be offended.

As Lee JinHyuk was interacting with fans, a video of him and Nam DoHyun suddenly began to play in the background.


As the issue began to spiral further out of control, Lee JinHyuk apologized to the fans and also to Nam DoHyun as well through social media.

Of course, some fans have also been defending Lee JinHyuk by saying he was not being offensive or intentionally making fun of Nam DoHyun.

But it seems that Nam DoHyun fans had a hard time believing Lee JinHyuk was only affectionately playing around as some continue to say he blatantly exaggerated Nam DoHyun’s behavior in a mocking manner.

What do you think?


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