The two visual idols of K-Pop, WooShin and SoMi, showcased their amazing chemistry and teamwork as co-hosts on "The Show".

WooShin of UP10TION and SoMi of I.O.I stood on stage for the first time as hosts during SBS MTV's "The Show" this past Tuesday. "Beagle-dol" SoMi who is always known for her energetic personality and WooShin's manga-like looks were more than loved by the audience.

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Although the two idols weren't very familiar with each other before the recording, the two showcased an amazing chemistry during their show routines. Many netizens complimented the pair claiming, "They seem like close childhood friends." Also, as a special celebration for their initiation as co-hosts, the two held a special stage during the episode. The pair performed Suzy and BaekHyun's "Dream" in perfect harmony.

UP10TION's WooShin & I.O.I's SoMi Show Amazing Chemistry

The Show

Fans of the pair will be able to see the two hosts every Tuesday at 8:00 pm KST on "The Show". Netizens are looking forward to next week's episode even more, because it will be the airing of "The Show Special - K-Pop Super Concert" in Busan!

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