Upcoming K-Pop Comeback & Debut Lineup For February 2018

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In the month of January, we’ve seen some amazing comebacks from many K-Pop idol groups.The month of February is almost here and that means we are definitely in for some more!

2017 has been great but as always, we should always look only forward. The new year has in store for us several highly anticipated comebacks and we just can’t wait until we get to really see all of them! Here are the K-Pop comebacks for February 2018.

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K-Pop Comebacks For February 2018

February 1st – Red Velvet, Suzy, BoA, Gugudan, Bumkey, Outsider, 14U

February 2nd –  AprilYoon MiRae

February 3rd –  BLACK6IX

February 5th – SEVENTEEN

February 6th – HyoLyn, Huh Gak

February 7th – Hong JinYoung

February 9th – Mona

February 12th – CoCo SoRi, Roy Kim

February 13th – Park BoRam

February 19th – Yang YoSeob (HIGHLIGHT), Jung SeungHwan, Jang HanByul

February 21st – Weki Meki, DUETTO

February 22nd – CLC,Ha YiYeon

February 24th – Killagramz

February 26th – SF9, SungGyu (Infinite)

February 27th – WJSN


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