With the #METOO movement having a rippling effect even into the K-Pop scene at the moment, there has been much noise surrounding the case of an unidentified K-Pop idol 'A' who allegedly sexually assaulted a victim in 2012.

Updated Case of K-Pop Idol 'A' Sexually Assaulting Victim 'B' Summarized

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Victim 'B' has stated that Idol A sexually assaulted her when she visited Seoul with a few of her friends. She said that Idol A asked her if he could stay with her and her friends for the night since he would have had to pay a costly fare fee to go back home. She agreed to his request. She then stated that Idol A sexually assaulted her.

Idol 'A's agency representative has strongly responded by saying that their idol has committed no such crime.

They've stated that upon investigation, the story ended with alleged victim B dropping Idol A off at a terminal while also continuing to have similar get-togethers for several years afterward.

The agency went on to say that alleged victim B sent texts asking if Idol A spread false rumors about her. While it was initially known by people familiar with the case that Idol A was responsible for spreading rumors, the agency is now claiming that Idol A never spread those rumors.


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