We understand that no single country has a perfect set of laws or legal system, but we also feel that taking risks by abusing the flaws within the legal system can prove to be quite dangerous.

New chat room conversations of former BIGBANG member SeungRi were recently released and showed him talking about how much he loved South Korea's law, as he felt it was very easy to take advantage of.

Updated Chat Rooms Show SeungRi Mocking His Country's Law


Park: Simply put, ***** is also running business the same way, and it's illegal. But it's difficult to enforce the law because it's in the grey area, which is why everyone is just sweeping it under the rug.

SeungRi: That means we are on the same boat and shouldn't have a problem. If they come to investigate, just give them some cash.

Updated Chat Rooms Show SeungRi Mocking His Country's Law


SeungRi: Go with the plan. Talk to ******* about it.

Park: Ok.

SeungRi: I love South Korea's law. It's so **********.

Recently, the South Korean police have brought in a woman who was suspected of being a prostitute for SeungRi back in December 2015. However, the woman has denied that she was ever involved in prostitution. There are currently no solid evidence that directly proves SeungRi's involvement in solicitation of prostitutes for business investors.


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