U.S Bilbaord Highlights on VIXX’s “Shangri-La” as the Perfect Fusion of the East and West

VIXX recently released their fourth album, “Shangri-La” and their concept for the album shows antique eastern beauty.

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The fact that their concept is highly related to the eastern culture while the music is R&B, which is the western culture, the album seemed to be making a great fusion of the two cultures.

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U.S Billboard has commented, “East Meets West in VIXX’s New Song Shngri-La.” The reason why billboard is putting such a big emphasis on their album is not only because of their concept, but their music which includes the sound of Gayageum, a Korean harp. The melody truly demonstrates the well mixture of the west and east.

VIXX’s music video of new title track was quick to reach almost 200million views, and is still spreading fast to K-Pop fans.

Their comeback stage will be on May 18th, on M Count Down on Mnet, and their exhibition will start from May 24th to June 4th.

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Airport Fashion 101: N of VIXX

Do you know some of N’s favorite fashion items? 

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They must be bag and sunglasses! He never goes anywhere without it! Many celebs wear sunglasses to cover themselves, however, N seems to enjoy wearing sunglasses as a fashion.

Unfortunately, aside from his interest in sunglasses and bags, he seemed to keep the rest simple.He usually wears colors that aren’t so catchy like black, gray, white or oat color. (Not saying he does not look good in those colors, he really does. But he does look great in bright colors as well.)

Here are some of N’s style seen caught in Airports!

1st – Big Black Bag is a MUST When Traveling

N, N of VIXX, VIXX, N Airport, N Fashion, N Photos



2nd – Clutch is the Key Point to Men’s Fashion

N, N of VIXX, VIXX, N Airport, N Fashion, N Photos

topstarnews/Atempo/vixx global Twitter


3rd -Jacket is Pretty Much Everything to Men

N, N of VIXX, VIXX, N Airport, N Fashion, N Photos

vixxensation/instiz/ten asia/ topstarnews


4th –  Simple University Student Looks

N, N of VIXX, VIXX, N Airport, N Fashion, N Photos

asia today/ lalalalalala tistory


5th – Okay, I will Wear Color Just This Times For Fans

N, N of VIXX, VIXX, N Airport, N Fashion, N Photos

Nlooming Twitter/ Oh News/ Getitk

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VIXX will be having a fan meetings and concerts in South East Asia this coming July.

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These fan meetings are quite special because they were held through “My Music Taste”, where fans invited their favorite artists to their city. 


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So basically, VIXX was called by their fans of Bangkok, where the concerts will be held.

They recently finished their tour in Japan and lured many more fans with their unique concepts and performances.

They will be celebrating their 5th year anniversary on May by three projects; album, concert and exhibition. The concert in Korea will be head on June, then, they will be moving on t SE Asia.

Fans look forward to meeting them, even more so, since it was them who invited VIXX.