Idol group VARSITY’s debut song title has been revealed to be ‘U r my only one’.

CSO Entertainment announced that “VARSITY will release their first single album “Round One” on January 5th, and will start their activities with the title song ‘U r my only one’."

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‘U r my only one’ is a song produced by the producing team Krazy Sound’s Ddolipark, Peter Pan, and MichinGijibae. It will be a mixture of urban hip hop beat and electronic sounds, notable for its trendy sound, lyrics, and for its addictive chorus.

The emotional lyrics about a man’s regrets after breaking up are worth noting. The harmony the 12 members of VARSITY and the army-like dance that will be performed under the intense beat is expected to show VARSITY’s unique energy.

VARSITY will be holding a showcase on the afternoon January 2nd in the Yes24 Move Hall, and will present ‘U r my only one’ for the first time.

VARSITY's Debut Song Title Revealed, "U r my only one"

CSO Entertainment

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