VAV wrapped up their MV shooting for "Flower" comeback! Directed by famous director Kim Eun You.

Boy group, VAV just finished shooting for their upcoming comeback music video. The video for their new song, 'Flower' was shot at the Gyeonggi Namyangju City from April 23rd to the 24th. 

This new MV was directed by 12Rounds Director Kim Eun-You, who has directed many K-Pop MV before. For example Director Kim is credited for FT Island, Juniel, Ulala Session, ZE:A and more. 

The group's new song , 'Flower' was produced by star-producer Ryan S.Jhun, who had produced their previous song 'Venus (Dance With Me)' a couple months back. Netizens are looking forward to the group's new song with the heavy enforcement by many of the top producers in the industry.

Will this be the birth of another hit song? VAV will release their new song on May 3.


VAV Wraps Up Music Video Shooting for Their New 'Flower' Comeback

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