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VAV’s labels A team recruit famous producer Ryan S.Jhun, bringing boy group VAV towards success!

Producer Ryan S.Jhun joined VAV’s labels company, A team Entertainment(used to be AQ Entertainment) as Executive Producer.

On 19th, A team stated: “We hired Ryan S.Jhun as our Executive Producer because of his talent and brand power. We believe he can set a better future for our artist, either boy group VAV or soon-to-debut girl group.”

VAV’s labels A team recruit famous producer Ryan S.Jhun

A team

Ryan S.Jhun is South Korea famous producer, who have produced many hit songs for different artists. For example: I.O.I 'Whatta Man', TaeYeon ‘I’, SHINee ‘View’ ‘Lucifer’ , EXO 'Love Me Right', Red Velvet ‘Dumb Dumb’, TVXQ ‘Champagne’, Super Junior ‘No Other’, Lee Hyori ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, SNSD ‘You Think’, Girl’s Day ’Nothing Lasts Up’ and etc.

Related person from the company said: “ Ryan S.Jhun is a super talented producer, he is leading the Kpop trend from Korea, Asia to U.S.A. We believe by scouting Ryan S.Jhun to be our Executive Producer, it can definitely help to guide our artists to success.“ ”We believe Ryan S.Jhun is the hit-maker, he can keep leading the Kpop Trend. ”

A team officially changed their name from AQ entertainment and hired Ryan S.Jhun as Executive Producer. It is anticipating for VAV comeback and foresee their success in future.

On the others hand, boy group VAV is going to comeback with their new album on coming February.



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