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VERIVERYis currently promoting their latest title track 'G.B.T.B' on various music shows.

On Oct. 29, they were performing on Mnet "Mcountdown" and had put on scary Halloween makeup for their special stage.

VERIVERY's KangMin Causes Goosebumps With Ending Pose For 'G.B.T.B' Halloween Version

VERIVERY Official Twitter

If you wish to check out their M2 fancam, you can also do so below!

During the live broadcast, many noticed that each of the boys had amazing facial expressions but member KangMin stood out with a creepy expression at the ending of the song.

His eyes were wide opened and at the same time, he was smiling while looking at the camera.

Those who had seen it was surprised by how well KangMin was executing the expression and mentioned that it had given them goosebumps.

Fans mentioned that the usual KangMin whom they had known was more adorable!

Seeing how KangMin is capable of making various facial expressions, fans found themselves falling for the adorable idol once again!

Are you also amazed by KangMin's facial expression?


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