According to South Korean news agencies, the father-in-law of veteran K-Pop idol Kim TaeWoo of g.o.d was recently accused of not paying off a debt and has fled to the US.

A petition filed to the South Korean government making the accusations was discovered recently.

Veteran K-Pop Idol Kim TaeWoo's Father-In-Law Caught In #DebtToo Movement?


According the the accuser, Kim TaeWoo's father-in-law attempted to borrow a substantial amount of money from his father to invest in a night club. When declined, the father-in-law then requested the accuser's father to receive on loan using his house as collateral, while assuring that his company would pay back the loan along with the interest. However, after receiving the loan, the debt was never paid.

The apartment was then eventually put up for an auction, leading to the accuser's family to have no choice but to move out. Kim TaeWoo's father-in-law also allegedly gave 10 million KRW to the accuser's father and promised to provide money for rent if the family was able to find a house that costed 1 million KRW monthly to live in. But upon doing so, Kim TaeWoo's father-in-law did not keep his word and allegedly fled to the US.

But Kim TaeWoo's agency released an official statement clarifying the situation, saying that the person involved in the incident was not Kim TaeWoo's father-in-law, but someone within the agency and that the matter has been resolved, meaning Kim TaeWoo doesn't have any direct relevance to this current issue.


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Dec 13, 2018 11:14 pm

Not surprised with Kim "sign my slave contract" Tae Woo's father being a low life, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree