South Korean rapper Microdot, whose parents were recently accused of borrowing hefty sums of money from acquaintances and not paying it back even after twenty years, may be currently missing in action, along with his parents, but the victims came forth again this time to reveal to the public that the rapper secretly contacted them in an attempt to extinguish the massive fire surrounding his #DebtToo scandal.

The only problem was that the rapper made a ridiculous offer offer that couldn't be justified in any way, considering the loss and damages the victims faced over the course of twenty years.

It turns out that the rapper offered to pay back the principal only, without any interest nor compensation fees to the victims.

One of the victims stated

"Lending money to his parents and trusting that they would pay us back during the IMF crisis was a big decision for us to have made. And after twenty years, they're offering to pay us back only the principal. Why can't they just apologize and do the right thing?"

Currently, an arrest warrants for the rapper's parents have been issued. Should they return to South Korea, they would most likely be arrested on the spot.


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