Plan A Entertainment's first boy group, VICTON, are closing out their debut promotions this week after a successful run.

VICTON debuted last month with their 1st album, "VOICE TO NEW WORLD". With their refreshing image concept, the boys stole the hearts of fan girls around the world. Their title track, 'I'm Fine', marked decent success as the boys were dubbed the up and coming "Monster Rookies".

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Plan A Entertainment announced, "We wanted to say thank you to everyone who gave love and support to VICTON over the last 6 weeks of debut promotions. We will return very soon with a new image, so please wait just a little bit longer."

In order to end their debut promotions on a special note, VICTON has decided to change up their usual performance. Instead of performing their 1st title track, 'I'm Fine', the boys will perform their other title track called 'What Time Is It Now?'. VICTON fans will be able to see the boys in their powerful and manly image, rather than the usual fresh and playful.

In order to get their fans ready for the upcoming stages, VICTON has also uploaded the dance practice video to their 2nd title track on their official YouTube channel. VICTON's "What Time Is It Now?" stage will air on the 14th through MBC Every1's "Show! Champion".

Meanwhile, check out the "What Time Is It Now?" stage that we've captured during their showcase!


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