VICTON is coming back full force with powerful choreography and sexy charisma according to their newly released teaser trailer.

VICTON's 2nd mini-album, "READY" is going to drop in just a matter of days, and the boys just released their first trailer video to showcase their new concept. The video was dropped on the group's official SNS channels, and the new track's highlight segments were showcased to the public.

What caught the eyes of their fans were the boys' oustanding KalGunMu choreography that were perfectly in sync. Compared to their debut track 'Fine', VICTON will be returning with a more powerful dance move, accompanied by a more mature image of a man.

'EYEZ EYEZ' and the mini-album, "READY" will drop on March 2nd.


VICTON Showcases Powerful KalGunMu for "EYEZ EYEZ" Teaser

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