Video )) Idol PPAP Collection

Video )) Idol PPAP Collection 

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Video )) Idol PPAP Collection – TWICE (ChaeYoung & Tzuyu)

Video )) Idol PPAP Collection – TWICE (JeongYeon & Momo & Sana & JiHyo)

Video )) Idol PPAP Collection – EXO (BaekHyun & Chen)

 Video )) Idol PPAP Collection – BtoB (ChangSub)

Video )) Idol PPAP Collection – Up10tion

Video )) Idol PPAP Collection – Up10tion (SunYoul & HwanHee) R&B ver. 

Video )) Idol PPAP Collection – Bigbang (SeungRi)

Video )) Idol PPAP Collection – CLC

Video )) Idol PPAP Collection – Infinite (L)

Video )) Idol PPAP Collection – Wanna B, Astro, April, Lovelyz, 24K, Apink

Video )) Idol PPAP Collection – Monsta X (KiHyun & MinHyuk)

Video )) Idol PPAP Collection – Monsta X (I.M)

Video )) Idol PPAP Collection – NU’EST (Ren)

Video )) Idol PPAP Collection – F(x) (Victoria)

10 Things: K-Pop Idols Who Caught the PPAP Cover Virus

There’s a virus taking over the K-Pop idols of the current generation… that virus is called the PPAP Virus!

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We don’t know where it came from, but one YouTube video is taking over the nation as well as the globe. The phenomenon called the PPAP is a youtube video where a man dressed in overly extravagant oily clothing dances to a techno song about pens and fruits. Why it’s so addictive and hilarious af? We don’t know, and we don’t care!

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Here are 10 of the K-Pop idols who’ve caught on to the PPAP cover virus!




This has by far been the best re-production of PPAP. Mad props, I.M! Let’s just hope it doesn’t come back to haunt you in 5 to 10 years.


2. INFINITE’s DongWoo

It was short, but it was bold. INFINITE’s DongWoo gives us a small PPAP cover performance behind the stage of BOF. We love this happy virus!


3. TWICE’s ChaeYoung & Tzuyu

Now we know how the Nation’s younger sisters, TWICE, spend their off time… and we love it! The two maknaes, ChaeYoung and Tzuyu slay the song in the most adorable way possible!



The goofballs of UP10TION are at it again! Watch 5 members from UP10TION take on the song in their signature goofball-way. P.S. Xiao’s embarrassed laugh at the end doe…


5. WannaB

These rookie girls didn’t mind at all steeping down low and shedding their K-Pop goddess images. Girl’s Day MinAh‘s sister, LinAh proved how dorky personality just runs in their blood.


6. NU’EST’s Ren

Although the song was too low to hear very well, but this was a rare sight! The ever chic Ren took off his cold mask to show us a side of him that we couldn’t help but fall in love with!


7. iKON

As true hip hop artists, iKON took PPAP to a whole new level. The boys performed a series of PPAP covers during their concerts – but in beat box versions! Slay Kings, slay.


8. f(x)’s Victoria

This was literally a surprise that no one saw coming. The ever glamorous and beautiful Victoria of f(x) took on the PPAP and nailed it!


9. CLC

The baby sisters of Cube Entertainment uploaded a funny skit cover of PPAP. They should be featured on SNL Korea, because they’re just to a-dork-able to the max!


10. BIG BANG’s SeungRi

If it’s a trendy phase, you can’t leave out BIG BANG out of it! SeungRi took the stage as BIG BANG’s representative to give us his own version of PPAP and it was nothing short of absolutely hilarious. Love ya, Jerry!