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Have you been watching the reality show V-Live "Photo People" Season 2?

If you have not, you can first find out more about the cast and summary here.

On July 23rd, INFINITE's WooHyun uploaded a selca of himself together with Yoo SeonHo and MXM's Lim YoungMin on INFINITE official Twitter account.

Many fans are assuming that through the time he was filming the show, WooHyun must have gotten closer to Yoo SeonHo and Lim YoungMin. The photo taken also showed how good looking they are and many fans could not help but praised their wonderful visuals together.

Visuals Of INFINITE WooHyun, Yoo SeonHo & MXM Lim YoungMin Wow Netizens

MXM Instagram

Previously, photos of them together with 5urprise's Lee TaeHwan and JYJ's JaeJoong were also uploaded on SNS.

Netizens who have watched the show also praised the cast director for casting these idols as each of them have their own unique and charming points.

You can catch the latest episode through the video below.

Share with us which is your favorite moment from the show!


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