Vivian Profile: Fashion Model and TV Personality

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    It turns out Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Yuri has a cousin to match her beauty. 

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    Vivian began her modeling career at the age of twenty one after being selected as #1 for a modeling contest hosted by the Magazine ‘CéCi’. After debuting as a model, she has worked with SURE, Cosmopolitan, Barrel, and LEON. She has also worked with BMW MINI Korea for a film commercial.


    Vivian Profile

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    Name: Vivian Cha

    Birthdate: November 5th, 1993

    Occupation: Fashion Model & TV Personality

    Height: 170 cm (5’7″)

    Blood Type: AB

    Education: Berklee College of Music

    Agency: Sublime Artist Agency

    Additional Information: Girls’ Generation’s Yuri’s cousin


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    YuRi of SNSD Falls Fast Asleep While Trying to Get Fans Asleep

    In celebration of 10th year anniversary, SNSD was on V live doing “Nupbang”. (Nupbang: A coined word in Korean meaning being on broadcast lying down literally in posture.)

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    Since V live isn’t a formal program or a broadcast, it’s easy for idols to communicate with fans in more eased manner and places. SNSD after well communicating with their fans, played ‘Light up the Sky’, a track on their new album “Holiday Night” to make fans fall asleep. (But no one including the fans really felt like going to sleep since they’ve been super loud and talkative.)

    SNSD, SNSD 10th Anniversary, SNSD Holiday Night, SNSD V Live, SNSD 10th Year

    V live

    The song was played 7 minutes before the show was over, it sort of served as an ending song. Now, guess who fell asleep.

    None of the fans but YuRi!

    SNSD, SNSD 10th Anniversary, SNSD Holiday Night, SNSD V Live, SNSD 10th Year

    V live

    SNSD, SNSD 10th Anniversary, SNSD Holiday Night, SNSD V Live, SNSD 10th Year

    V live

    Fans all knew she was sleeping because she suddenly went quiet when she is usually very talkative. It was even in the headline news of Korean entertainment news with a title “The First Idol to Fall Asleep When Broadcasting Lying Down”

    It was real cute of her to sleep so soundly to her own music. She eventually woke up from her short nap and sent out hearts to her fans, which was the cutest part of the V live.

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    SNSD YuRi Talks About Girl Group’s Disbandment Of Her Age

    SNSD YuRi revealed her opinion about K-Pop girl groups’s disbandment of her age these days.

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    In interview with Korean magazine W, YuRi answered the question asking “What came to your mind when you see several girl groups’disbandment which had activities in the same period with SNSD?”. YuRi said “I fully understand their choices and I thought that those choices need to be respected. Just like someone’s saying, ‘There is nothing eternal but only the fact that everything changes.’. I was thankful for them to have had activities together very hard and performed good songs in the same period with SNSD”

    In succession, YuRi confessed know-how to keep SNSD continue for 10 years, saying “It’s still hard and sensitive. In terms of something, even more difficult than past. In my case, I usually tend to keep distance from members or group SNSD as much as I love them.”, continuously, “It’s because we are in a group, so it’s the best way we could pursue since sometimes we are exposed to be compared by public regardless of our intention.”. YuRi ended the answer, saying “Now is the term when we adore one another just like a family, rather than being pestered.”




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