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Banana Culture Entertainment released jacket image for EXID’s third mini album “Eclipse”.

Vivid Colors of EXID Represents Their Characteristics

Banana Culture Entertainment

All of girls were wearing vivid color clothing, fitting them perfectly. The colors seemed to represent their characteristics well.

JungHwa was looking  outgoing yet sexy  although she was wearing vivid green. Hani looked chic and put togather with sky blue suit. HyeRin was on purple, which seemed to boost up her charms and loveliness. Lastly, LE had the girl crush look with braided hair, rounded sunglasses and with hot pink suit.

The song is about preferring the night time, for day time is too busy to barely think. Many fans would empathize with the lyrics, for was written based on our daily life.

Both fans and EXID cannot wait to have their comeback, on April 10th.

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