VIXX will be having a fan meetings and concerts in South East Asia this coming July.

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These fan meetings are quite special because they were held through “My Music Taste”, where fans invited their favorite artists to their city. 


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So basically, VIXX was called by their fans of Bangkok, where the concerts will be held.

They recently finished their tour in Japan and lured many more fans with their unique concepts and performances.

They will be celebrating their 5th year anniversary on May by three projects; album, concert and exhibition. The concert in Korea will be head on June, then, they will be moving on t SE Asia.

Fans look forward to meeting them, even more so, since it was them who invited VIXX.

VIXX Throwing Their 5th Anniversary Party: the “VIXX V Festival”

What are the common factors found within these words? V, May, and Fifth.

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Yes, as everyone may have guessed right, “5” is in the center of three words. (Just in case, V equals to 5 in roman numeral.)

5 seems to be a big number to VIXX this year, for they are celebrating their 5th year anniversary, on May. To embrace their big 5, they are opening “VIXX V Festival”. In this amazing festival, fans will be enjoying their comeback, concert and an exhibition as well.

VIXX, VIXX 5th Year Anniversary, VIXX Comeback, VIXX Concert, VIXX Fansatsia

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“VIXX LIVE FANTASIA”, their 4th concert will be held from May 12th to 14th as a starter. Their concept for the concert is “Daydreams”, which naturally lead us to assume something dreamy and mysterious. Since VIXX is one of the groups holding amazing concerts, fans cannot wait to see them in this new concept.

VIXX, VIXX 5th Year Anniversary, VIXX Comeback, VIXX Concert, VIXX Fansatsia

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However, the concept isn’t the best part just yet. In the concert, they will be performing their new track in the album to be released. In a nutshell, lucky for fans who will be attending, for they will be the very first fans who can listen to the new song.

The great ending of V Festival will be the exhibition. VIXX was loved deeply for their unique and diverse concepts, therefore, there will be such a variety of things to see and enjoy.

The tickets to the concert will be open from April 11th and 13th.

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Check Leo of VIXX Turn to a Tough Soldier in a New Musical “Mata Hari”

Leo, a member of VIXX, has been famously known for his talent in singing and since he was too good to remain only in K-Pop industry, he was casted in the musical field as well.

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Leo, Leo of VIXX, VIXX Leo Musical, Korean Musical, Mata Hari

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His first musical was “Full House” in 2014, and his second piece was “Mata Hari” in 2016. He is again, re-casted in “Mata Hari” in the role of Armand. In the former role in 2016, he was a sweet romantic who melted hearts of women fans. However, he plans to have his character changed, although it is the same role.

He will be acting out a tough, vigorous yet warm hearted man.

His character, Armand is a soldier who is headstrong, violent and rebellious. However, he starts to change when he meets Mata Hari. He was to keep an eye on her by the order of Captain Radu, but he slowly falls in love with her, and helps her to escape. The fight against the captain is something that cannot be missed.

Critics said that he improved in every aspect, singing, acting and delivering emotions. He recieved a lot of casting calls, and fans were delighted to see Leo in diverse stages.

The musical will be on stage from June.

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