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On September 12th, VIXX‘s HongBin shares a funny and interesting moment he had regarding Apple airpods on their official fancafe chatting room.

HongBin first shared that he is interested in getting an iPhone but does not like the headphone jack. However, compared to using Apple airpods, he has another concern. He revealed that he had actually picked up the members’ airpods which they had lost countless times.

Through such incidents, HongBin decided that he would not get them, suggesting that he might also be losing them in the future if he actually got them.

In addition to that, since it is not easy to identify whose airpods belong to who, he also shared how two different songs may be coming from the airpods once plugged into their ears.

VIXX’s HongBin Shares The Reason Why He Does Not Buy Airpods

VIXX Facebook

Seeing the cute confession from HongBin, many fans were laughing and also liking how adorable he was. They also thought that the VIXX members must have had a hilarious moment especially when two different songs came out from a pair of airpods.

Nonetheless, they also wished that HongBin would make a wise decision when getting a new phone.

Do you find it funny too?


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he is so sweet. in fancafe it always feel like we are talking to a friend