VIXX Ken is next to participate in “Legend of the Blue Sea” O.S.T lineup.

“Legend of the Blue Sea” O.S.T Part 7 ‘Fool’ will be revealed on the 22nd through various music websites.

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‘Fool’ is a song that has been played within various scenes during the “Legend of the Blue Sea” broadcasts, delighting the viewers. Despite the fact that the song’s title and the artist was not yet released, there were even viewers who were able to guess who the artist was from the short clips.

‘Fool’ is written and composed by a producing team Honey Pot. It is a song that includes the African percussion to expresses the beating sounds of a heart, refreshing synthetic sounds, and a dynamic mixture of melodies. With Ken’s gentle voice and sweet sounds, it is already drawing a lot of reaction from the viewers.

“Legend of the Blue Sea” broadcasts every week on Wednesday and Thursday night through SBS.

VIXX Ken Participates in “Legend of the Blue Sea” O.S.T


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