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Back in April, we covered the weight loss of VIXX's N, this time another member is under the spotlight for his dramatic weight loss: Leo.

Leo lost a lot of weight most probably due to stress and practice during his solo promotions and solo concert. On October 2nd, on "Video Star" TV show, Leo said that he lost 8kg, from 67 to 59kg.

His fans already knew that he lost such a huge amount as the idol mentioned it time to time and also because his body shows sign of such loss. His past cute cheeks completely disappeared.

Here are before (left) and after (right) pictures. Pictures are from up to last December to recent pictures during his solo activities.

VIXX's Leo Dramatic Weight Loss

To be all with you always / Kstyle

VIXX's Leo Dramatic Weight Loss

Official VIXX

VIXX's Leo Dramatic Weight Loss

Leo's Instagram / Official VIXX

Many fans are worrying about him and hope he is taking care of himself. He is also praised for being hardworking.

Have you noticed too his weight loss?


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