VIXX’s Leo Having Physical Touch With Fan Came Under Controversy

JELLYFISH Entertainment officially announced the feedback about all the rumors and controversies on VIXX Leo having private relationship with fan.

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Should there be somewhere idols and their fans aren’t allowed to be closer any more? How far will it be? 

A few days ago, several photos including VIXX’s Leo and a woman were released on the Internet. What’s different from just another photos here is, in the pictures, Leo is consoling his arms around the woman’s shoulders and looking into her eyes so closely. In addition, Leo’s fans claimed that the woman is the homepage master, who owns and operates the fans’ homepage. What upsets fans is Leo is having special, private relationship with a fan who originally shouldn’t be treated differently from just another fans of Leo.  

After the pictures are released, some netizens told that this is the obvious discrimination on fans of Leo. Here are those problematic photos.


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Too many stories and guesses were made on these photos, and eventually, JELLYFISH Entertainment, where VIXX belongs to, announce their official feedback. They admitted that woman was a fan of Leo and Leo already was aware of her having wrong behaviors and being eliminated from official fan club. Besides, they announced that it is not true that two of them made a meeting intentionally. According to their explanation, the woman without any permission to enter the supporting program for musical “Mata Hari“, where Leo play a role just appeared all of sudden. Thus, Leo had difficulty restraining her entrance there and made her get out there by making those physical affections. 

Even though the official feedback was given, fans’ tempers seem not to cool down. The main reason mostly mentioned among fans is “how could the idol privately make those physical affection with fans?” and “Finally, the management company admitted there was a private relationship without meaning to be”. Fans are talking about TMI (Too Much Information) on the feedback from JELLYFISH Entertainment. There’s no need to be so detailed, and fans get disappointed by acknowledged facts from the company. 


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Check Leo of VIXX Turn to a Tough Soldier in a New Musical “Mata Hari”

Leo, a member of VIXX, has been famously known for his talent in singing and since he was too good to remain only in K-Pop industry, he was casted in the musical field as well.

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Leo, Leo of VIXX, VIXX Leo Musical, Korean Musical, Mata Hari

Jelly Fish Entertainment

His first musical was “Full House” in 2014, and his second piece was “Mata Hari” in 2016. He is again, re-casted in “Mata Hari” in the role of Armand. In the former role in 2016, he was a sweet romantic who melted hearts of women fans. However, he plans to have his character changed, although it is the same role.

He will be acting out a tough, vigorous yet warm hearted man.

His character, Armand is a soldier who is headstrong, violent and rebellious. However, he starts to change when he meets Mata Hari. He was to keep an eye on her by the order of Captain Radu, but he slowly falls in love with her, and helps her to escape. The fight against the captain is something that cannot be missed.

Critics said that he improved in every aspect, singing, acting and delivering emotions. He recieved a lot of casting calls, and fans were delighted to see Leo in diverse stages.

The musical will be on stage from June.

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VIXX LR Profile: Self Producing Unit Group Of RaVi & Leo

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    Just like the significant difference between ‘L’ of left and ‘R’ of right, 2 different members in VIXX reunion for perfect comeback.

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    VIXX LR is the first unit group of VIXX. This unit consist of a main vocal of VIXX, Leo, and a main rapper, Ravi. L of LR came from L, the first initial alphabet of Leo and R did from the initial from Ravi. Actually, their first debut was on August 17th, 2015. The debut song of VIXX LR was ‘Beautiful Liar‘. They kept having pretty successful activities then, winning first rank on “THE SHOW“. After that, they’ve not release other songs so far, and finally in July, they announced that they’re going to comeback on August 28th. 

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    Two of them composed and directed their songs and showed off their perfect performing skills at not only VIXX concert but also their individual concert. Especially, Ravi released a solo album where he produced by himself in last year. Fans’ expectation toward them goes higher and higher. Let’s check out how cool they are!


    VIXX LR Profile

    JELLYFISH Entertainment, park hyoshin, vixx, vixx lr,

    JELLYFISH Entertainment


    JELLYFISH entertainment


    Name: Jung TaekWoon

    Birthday: November 10, 1990

    Hometown: Dobong-Gu, Seoul

    Height: 186cm

    Weight: 69kg

    Blood Type: O

    Religion: Buddhism

    Position: Main Vocal

    Family: Parents, 3 older sisters

    School: Howon University (Division of Performing Art and Media), Baekseok Graduate School of Composition

    SNS: Twitter, Instagram



    NYLON Korea


    Name: Kim WonSik

    Birthday: February 15, 1993

    Hometown: Songpa-Gu, Seoul

    Height: 164cm

    Weight: 63kg

    Blood Type: O

    Religion: Buddhism

    Position: Main Rapper

    Family: Parents, a younger sister

    School: Howon University (Broadcasting & Entertaining), Baekseok Graduate School of Practical Music

    Nickname: Won Chic, Dobermanmn

    SNS: Twitter, Instagram


    whisper, vixx lr whisper, vixx lr, leo, ravi, vixx,

    JELLYFISH Entertainment



    Who Are The Tallest And Shortest VIXX?

    We don’t really see big differences in height among VIXX members, which makes hard for us to figure out height.

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    What we do notice is that they seem tall, real tall, especially when they are with boys from other groups. The majority of boy idols are around 175 ~ 178 cm. However, all VIXX members stand taller than the majority. Maybe it’s the shoes? Well, I don’t think boys shoes can get that high. Come to think of it, they’ve pulled off many diverse concepts so perfectly from suits to Korean traditional clothes. That’s something hard to do unless one’s got a great proportion of the whole body. Hmm, now we are curious, how tall are these guys and how good is their proportion??  

    One way to find out~

    VIXX, VIXX Height Chart, VIXX 2017 Comeback, VIXX Kpop Profile, Ken, RaVi, N, Hong Bin, Hyuk


    The tallest member is Hyuk, being about 185 cm (6.07 ft). Making not much difference, Ravi and Leo are right behind him, being 184 cm (6.03 ft). It’s such a coincidence to have two pairs having to be the same height from a group, isn’t it? Well, Hong Bin and Ken are also of the same height, being as tall as 182 cm (5.97 ft). The smallest member is N, being about 181 cm (5.93 ft). The smallest member is SO NOT a small person…

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