N's Instagram

VIXX's N posted new pictures on his Instagram.

Compared to fellow members Ravi and Hyuk that take topless exciting group pictures in Miami (you can check them here), N goes for artistic alone pictures in Japan. The atmosphere is very different but also very cool!

On the 15th, the idol uploaded this picture of him on his SNS. His caption says "Today's record 20180615. Dotonbori street that I am now used to". Using an umbrella and posing with one hand in his pocket, he shows great style and nice visual to fans.


But that is not all! N likes to keep fans updated through his Instagram. He also posted a picture of him by the sea. In the caption, he says "Today's record 20180616 I'm coming by again".

The boy goes for an artistic picture, the pose is well thought and very pretty. Under a blue sky, bare-feet touching the sand and the sea, his hair moving with the wind, elegant and comfortable fashion, one hand on his pocket, turning his back to the camera but slightly turning his head, etc. It looks like the perfect picture. Some fans can also think that it looks like a nice boyfriend material picture.


Fans commented on how the pictures are aesthetic and pretty and how handsome and awesome he looks.

Do you like N's pictures?


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