N and Hongbin of VIXX have just wrapped up their filming for the web drama, "What's With These Kids (Money)?".

Jellyfish Entertainment shared behind the scenes photos of the two heartthrob idols to celebrate the successful filming for the upcoming web drama.

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In the photos released, fans were able to see the bright faces of the two idols, as well as the sternness of the boys while concentrating on their lines. Dressed completely in high school uniforms, the pair were a sight to be seen as fans gushed over their handsomeness.

VIXX's N & HongBin Finish Filming Web Drama with AOA's ChanMi

Jellyfish Entertainment

"What's With These Kids (Money)?" tells the tale of high school students who face the everyday challenges of growing up and experiencing love for the first time. The drama has been gaining much interest, because of its castmates N, HongBin and AOA's ChanMi. N portrays the character, Cha HakYeon, who comes from a poor family, but is raised to have a proper personality. HongBin portrays Jin SiHwan, who is a playful rebel who was raised in a rich family.

The drama's staff praised the idols, "We filmed all day, while traveling back and forth all around the country. Even through their busy schedules, the boys successfully finished filming without any hinder."

The three idols' web drama will air its first episode at the end of October through Naver's TV Cast.

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