On 26th, VIXX’s Ravi announced more information about his upcoming solo project activities.

Through the official VIXX SNS channel, VIXX's Ravi announced “RAVI R.EAL1ZE PROJECT” and the 3 steps of contents release, along with the cover image of "R.EAL1ZE."

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Ravi’s "R.EAL1ZE"’s first step is releasing a new song. He will be revealing one of the songs of "R.EAL1ZE" first on January 4th. The second step is to hold a solo concert, “RAVI 1st REAL-LIVE [R.EALIZE]”, from January 6th to 8th. And the last step is releasing the music video and the album of “R.EAL1ZE” on January 9th.

Ravi has previously shown that he’s a talented artist, participating as both the composer and the producer of VIXX LR’s first mini album “Beautiful Liar” that he worked with his fellow group member Leo. He also has participated in the making of SAM&SP3CK’s second project single “DamnRa”’s performance video. Many are anticipating for what talent he will show this time with this album.

VIXX's Ravi Reveals "R.EAL1ZE PROJECT"'s Cover and Schedules

VIXX's Ravi Reveals "R.EAL1ZE PROJECT"'s Cover and Schedules

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