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With their official upcoming comeback set into motion, Wanna One members couldn't have picked a worse time than now to provoke netizens and exhibit questionable behavior in front of fans.

The immensely popular boy band recently made some controversial statements while on a live broadcast. Whether the members made the statements without being aware that they were live on air is still somewhat unclear at the moment.

Wanna One Causes Controversy With Statements Made On Live Broadcast

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Below is an English transcript of what the members have stated during the broadcast.

Park JiHoon: Why can't we be free?

Kang Daniel: Why aren't we getting paid?

Park JiHoon: Why are we getting only 20%?

Ong SeongWu: Why can't we get enough sleep?

Park JiHoon: Why is our schedule so packed?

Ong SeongWu: Why can't we get enough sleep?

Kang Daniel: Hyung(used to address an older male friend), is Mad Clown here yet?

Kang Daniel: I took a sh** this morning.

Park JiHoon: Let's expose our numbers!

Ha SungWoon: I better swear in advance. F***, f***, f***, f***, f***, f****.

Park JiHoon: 010-73**-****, this is my number, add me!

Lai KuanLin: Sorento 98** (Car model and plate number), what were you doing underneath our house yesterday? Answer me Sorento 98**, stop coming to our house.

Unidentified member: Jerk off to only the hot ones.

Both YMC Entertainment and Wanna One released an official apology after the situation escalated.

Was Wanna One being out of line? Or were they just rightfully being themselves? Feel free to share your thoughts!


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Mar 20, 2018 10:48 am

It’s still ok because they just talk the truth out