On July 25th, Wanna One's Kim JaeHwan greeted fans by having a V-Live session of more than an hour.

During the time, not only did he serenade for his fans while playing the guitar, he also spent some time chatting with them. One of the noticeable songs which JaeHwan sang was BTS 'The Truth Untold ft Steve Aoki'!

While playing the guitar, JaeHwan covered the song with his own music style and amazingly powerful vocals. You can check out the full V-Live session through the video below and the part with BTS 'The Truth Untold ft Steve Aoki' starts from 50.31 onwards.

His emotions were clearly shown through his voice and fans could not help but comment on how they were able to feel the emotions he was trying to convey.

After covering the song, his fans even requested for him to do an encore and he continued by singing other songs which he had been listening to lately.

Currently, Wanna One is having their world tour and will be having their next show in Hong Kong on 28th and 29th.

Did you also enjoy JaeHwan's V-Live session?


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Jul 26, 2018 03:05 pm

his voice was AMAZING last night! im glad he covered so many songs and doing the vlive with fans even thought he might be tired :/ THANKS JAEHWAN!