Wanna One’s Lai KuanLin Fanboying Over EXO

Wanna One‘s Maknae, Lai KuanLin‘s bias came out into be SeHun, maknae of EXO.

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Wanna One’s Lai KuanLin was selected to be a model for a game advertisement which conducted an interview with him. In the interview, Lai KuanLin answered several things related to EXO, which can show Lai KuanLin’s passionate love toward EXO. 

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A few weeks ago, a great zzal got revealed. Two maknaes from the hottest groups, EXO and Wanna One were greeting with each other. SeHun and Lai KuanLin were just perfect in that zzal. Fans and netizens were enthusiastically welcoming two maknae’s meeting. 

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However, till that moment, people didn’t know how big Lai KuanLin’s love for EXO is. In a interview, Lai KwanLin picked up EXO’s ‘The Eve‘ and ChanYeol & PUNCH‘s ‘Stay with me‘ as the song he could recommend for healing time. Also, he added explain, “I fall for ‘The Eve’s beat! It sounds easy to my ears! no less..” and “I like the melody and lyrics of ‘Stay with me’. Listening to this song so often!”. 

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Besides, Lai KuanLin selected EXO’s ‘Growl’ and ‘Monster‘ as the song to fit himself. He revealed the reason, “The choreography of two songs are too cool and those are my style.”. This is not the end. He thinks EXO’s ‘Growl’ is the song to match with Wanna One members well. It shows how enthusiastically Lai KuanLin respects EXO and wants to follow them. 

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What’s more interesting here is Lai KuanLin once wrote “EXO SeHun senior ♥ Zzang! (The coolest!)” on the hand autograph paper to the fan. Netizens are guessing that Lai KuanLin’s bias would be SeHun. How cute! Let’s welcome these two guys’ friendship!

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Nate Pann

Male Idols Who Look Up to EXO’s Kai as a Role Model

There is no denying that EXO has been by far one of K-Pop’s most successful and influential boy group of all time. Kai, the lead dancer, and singer of EXO has been a source of inspiration and influence as a role model to other prominent K-Pop idols. 

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TaeYang of SF9, not to be confused with YG Entertainment’s superstar, has mentioned Kai as a role model. He has said before that he looks to Kai as someone he would like to become more like when it comes to dancing. 

Kai Exo, TaeYang Big Bang, Kai TaeYang Role Model

The Qoo

Kai EXO K-Pop, TaeYang Kai EXO, Kai EXO Role Model

Metro / Arena

Wanna One‘s Daniel Kang and Ong SeongWu have mentioned during the TV show “Happy Together 3”, that Kai is not only their role model but their favorite EXO member as well. Daniel Kang has specifically explained that he admires BTS for their powerful stage presence, Seventeen‘s team work, and EXO’s general all around group concept. He further revealed his Kai fanboy status by describing the EXO member as ‘very sexy’. Both Daniel Kang and Ong SeongWu revealed on the TV show that they consider Kai as their biggest role model.

daniel kang, daniel kang wanna one, ong seongwoo, happy together 3 daniel kang, exo kai happy together 3

KBS ‘Happy Together 3’


NCT Dream‘s JaeMin and JiSung have also mentioned on SMRookie’s magazine column that both view Kai as a role model because of his exceptional visuals and dance skills. 



P.K, a member of PH Entertainment’s boy band MVP has mentioned Kai among others such as the likes of Shinhwa and BtoB. He said in an interview that he is constantly keeping up with news related to Kai and hopes to meet him in person some day. 


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Cube Reveals More Info About Lai KuanLin’s Upcoming Boy Group

Those of you who have been waiting to hear news about what will happen with Lai GuanLin following his time with Wanna One, you might be surprised to find out the wait won’t be nearly as long as you might’ve thought!

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This week, Cube Entertainment opened up about GuanLin’s future activities and gave fans more information about the agency’s upcoming boy group. While no actual name has been confirmed, the agency announced that the group will be making their debut sometime in 2019 – which is only one and a half years away! They also revealed three members that will definitely be joining the line-up.

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Lai GuanLin (17 years old)

lai guan lin, wanna one, kpop 2017, cube entertainment

Cube Entertainment

Voted 7th place during the second season of “Produce 101,” GuanLin is currently promoting alongside project group Wanna One as a rapper. Born and raised in Taiwan, the singer is popular not only for his dancing skills and strong visuals, but his ability to speak Chinese, Korean, and English.


Yoo SeonHo (16 years old)

yoo seon ho, produce 101, cube entertainment

Cube Entertainment

Although he did not make it as far as GuanLin did on “Produce 101,” SeonHo was able to gain plenty of attention during his stint on the program. The two showed their teamwork and adorable chemistry while appearing together on the show – particularly winning over fans with their cover dance of “Troublemaker.”


Jo WooChan (13 years old)

jo woo chan, cube entertainment, show me the money 6


WooChan may not have been on “Produce 101” like the others, but he certainly has experience making waves on a competition program. The 13-year-old rapper appeared as a contestant on “Show Me The Money 6,” where he wowed the judges with his innate talent for rhyming at such a young age.


So far, these three members are the only ones confirmed to be a part of the group. However, Cube Entertainment has expressed the intention to add further members to the line-up via audition. Are you excited to see the group finally make their debut?

Who Are the Tallest and the Shortest EXO?

Sometimes, it’s hard to know who is taller than who on stages or on TV shows. A person’s height became extremely flexible these days by shoe layers. 

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Unless we make people stand with bare feet, it’s hard to know for real who is the tallest and the shortest. It gets more difficult when the group has a large number of people in it and most of them are in the similar height showing not much difference. 

Fans of EXO are always so confused about who is taller than whom because it seems to change every time. It changes by the shoes they are wearing, it changes by the hairstyle they have on that day, and it even changes by boy’s aging! (teens grow…) 

So, in order to clarify, here is height chart of EXO. This might not be the most accurate measure, however, you can assume that members having the same height are of the similar height, showing no big difference. 


EXO,EXO Height Chart, SuHo, Chen, Kai, Xiumin, ChanYeol, Lay, DO, SeHun, BaekHyun

chanyeol_today /felmyeon /61JENA04 /sherbet0326 /jjinPing /ShiroNun88 /SerendipityLure /Dyo_pengui /starhun94 

The tallest of EXO is ChanYeol as you might have expected, being as tall as 184 cm (6.03ft). The second tallest is Kai, 182 cm (5.97 ft). The third tallest is 181 cm (5.93 ft). These three boys are only those over 180 cm. Now, Lay is the tallest among the 170s, being 177 cm (5.81 ft). Continued by BaekHyun, 176 cm (5.77 ft). Three boys, D.O, SuHo, and Chen are of the same height, 174 cm (5.69 ft). The smallest member is Xiumin, as tall as 173 cm (5.65 ft). 

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Newly Changed Ideal Type 2017: EXO’s BaekHyun & SeHun

EXO‘s BaekHyun and SeHun confessed the truth of their ideal type recently.

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Why fans check out vias’ or favorite idols’ ideal type is to know their taste and maybe, to change their styles into ones closer to mentioned ideal types, right? K-Idols often get asked about which aspect of their ideal partner they look for the most. Some idols’ answers are specific, but sometimes they’re ambiguous. As well as describing the characteristics of their ideal types, Idols often name celebrities who best matches their type. EXO’s fans who tried to fit themselves with ideal types mentioned by BaekHyun make him surprised in many ways. Recently, he talked about his newly thinking on this situation. Doing so, he confessed why he described his ideal types in that way. You can check out them, below.


1. BackHyun  – “I described the ideal female who fits yellow t-shirt and blue jeans well. Why I said that is only because of strong demand from a media to interview my ideal type. They asked for more specific one, so I explained that way. That was the time between spring and summer, so I preferred yellow short sleeve. And then after, I found that almost everyone waiting in line for me were wearing yellow t-shirts and blue jeans. Please, you guys, don’t stick too much only to ‘Yellow’ t-shirt. I just like cute girls. That’s the simple reason for yellow t-shirt.”


2. SeHun – “I use to put on slippers. Other members often make fun of me for that, but I don’t care about it. Just like BaekHyun made a new fashion trend, I mean that yellow t-shirt, let’s say my newly changed ideal type is female who put on slipper. I won’t care about clothing. Yes, I care. Uhm, putting on slippers look so sloppy, so you need to pay careful attention on clothing, such as t-shirt, pants, and other things.”



Daily sports

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