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Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) 2018 will be held in 3 different countries (Korea, Japan and Hong Kong) starting on December 10th.

The first stop will be in Korea on December 10th, Japan on December 12th and finally Hong Kong on December 14th. To find out which idols will be going to which countries, be sure to find out more about the lineup here.

On December 7th, it was announced that Wanna One and MAMAMOO will be having a special vocal collaboration in MAMA 2018 Japan.

According to the producers of MAMA, it was revealed that it is hard to see such a special collaboration but fans would be able to see it in Japan. They have decided to 'tease' fans by announcing this special collaboration. It is also revealed that it is the opening act and producers also tell viewers to not miss this special stage.

Many fans who have heard the news could not wait for MAMA 2018 Japan to happen.

Are you excited too?


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