TXT's YeonJun may be on of the most popular rookie K-Pop idols out there today, but was his popularity the same during his school days?

Given that he has always been the best trainee at Big Hit Entertainment, setting a great example for others, it's only natural that some may wonder what he was like in school.

Group member SooBin spilled the truth during a live broadcast.

If you're guess was that YeonJun was popular among his peers, you're absolutely correct. While the pair were talking about Hueningkai's graduation, the focus then shifted towards YeonJun's popularity in school. SooBin apparently was present at YeonJun's graduation day.


The day was quite chaotic and SooBin revealed that YeonJun had "a lot" of friends.



Everywhere they went, there were friends shouting YeonJun's name.

You can check out the full broadcast below!


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Paige Saucedo
Paige Saucedo
Sep 2, 2020 05:54 am

he's so CUTE!!!!