Girl group Wa$$up will resume activities in March with a comeback.

According to a source on 17th, Wa$$up will release a new album on March 27th and resume their activities. This will be their first album after 2 years and 5 months, since their last album in November, 2014.

Wa$$up debuted in 2013 with the single album ‘Wa$$up’. Wa$$up began activities with 7 members (JinJu, DaIn, NaRi, JiAe, WooJoo, SuJin, and NaDa) but they will be returning in March with only 4 of the members. NaDa, JinJu, and DaIn have filed for a nullification of contract and the group was reformed to be a 4-member group.

Though the management company is still in conflict with the three members, they plan to have Wa$$up resume activities. Wa$$up is working hard to wrap up their preparations for the mini album. The mini album will have 5 tracks with hip hop genre songs. The exact comeback date may be changed as they are still in discussion over it.

They are also preparing for a showcase before they kick off their comeback activities. Wa$$up will conduct various activities from music to variety show appearances.

The management company Mafia Record is also debating on whether to release the 7-member version of the songs as well. Mafia Record’s representative stated “Wa$$up already had recorded their new songs before the conflict began. We are debating on whether to release this song digitally or not.”

Waup to Come Back in March With Only 4 Members

Mafia Record

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