We Now Finally Know Which ATEEZ Members Are TXT YeonJun’s Friends



TXT member YeonJun has once spoken about how he’s close friends with some of the members of ATEEZ. And because he never really mentioned any specific names, many people have probably been wondering which ATEEZ members he was friends with.

Given that both groups have just gotten in to the K-Pop scene only recently, but also has an immense popularity as rookies, the two groups definitely have a lot more in common and are somehow connected in many ways.

After a recent video clip uploaded on Twitter, fans now know that YeonJun is close with YeoSang and WooYoung.


However, what’s even more interesting is that it’s not just YeonJun who has friends over at ATEEZ.

TXT member TaeHyun was also seen hugging YeoSang as well!


We sincerely hope that this bond between the two groups lasts forever!


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