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In this Thursday series, we are choosing THE most romantic scene of the week. It is an editor pick series (or a weekly dilemma to choose only one).

The selection is done from dramas airing from Wednesdays to the following Tuesdays (currently watching: "Doom At Your Service", "Sell Your Haunted House", "Imitation", "Bossam: Steal the Fate", "So I Married The Anti-Fan", "My Roommate is a Gumiho").

Be aware of MAJOR spoilers

This week (May 26 - June 1) our pick goes to Choi TaeJoon playing with the adjustment button of Girls' Generation's (Choi) SooYoung's seat for a kiss in "So I Married The Anti-Fan".


To sum up, Choi TaeJoon acting as top star WhoJoon is filming a reality with his official anti-fan SooYoung acting as GeunYoung. They used to hate each other but started to get close to each other and develop feelings. In the most recent episodes, he has confessed his feelings for her and made her heart skip beats with his bold moves.

In the selected scene, they had some technical issues with the car and had to park. Choi TaeJoon made his way to her seat and was looking for something around it.

Actually, he was pretending. His real goal was to kiss her!

He made her seat go down while "looking for something" and found himself with the perfect angle to kiss her when he made her seat go up again.

SooYoung took some time to understand his stratagem. She laughed and pushed him out of her seat.

This couple is adorable.


If you've missed last week's pick, you can check it here.

See you next Thursday!

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