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September is WEi member and actor Kim YoHan's birthday month and fans are already celebrating. Recently, Kim YoHan's fanclub "Yorangdan" made a donation of 10 million KRW in scholarship to YoHan's alma mater, Seoul Sports High School. This is undoubtedly a meaningful way to celebrate the idol's birthday and improve the learning conditions of other talented children. 

Kim YoHan is known for his philanthropic nature himself. Over the years, he has participated in multiple donation drives and other social contributions wholeheartedly, which makes this gift even more precious. Like idol, like fans!

Kim YoHan is currently filming for his upcoming drama, the latest addition to the iconic "School" series, titled "School 2021". He will be playing the role of the main lead protagonist Gong KiJoon, a former taekwondo player who quit and entered into a vocational high school to support his family. He is mature and responsible but awkward when it comes to his feelings. The drama is slated for release in the 2nd half of 2021. 

Are you excited for "School 2021"? Share your love for Kim YoHan in the comments section down below!


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