Are you watching the school romance web drama "A Love So Beautiful"? WEi's Kim YoHan, So JooYeon, and Yeo HoeHyun are the lead actors.

It is the first love romance story of the cheerful high school girl Sin SolYi (So JooYeon) and her childhood friend Cha Heon (Kim YoHan) who is living next door and for who she has a one-sided love.

Since the release of the drama on Dec. 28 (KakaoTV and Netflix) viewers have fallen for the cute and innocent stories of the drama.

WEi's Kim YoHan Is A Sweet Gentleman For So JooYeon In The Behind-The-Scene Of "A Love So Beautiful"

OUI Entertainment

In the behind-the-scene video of the drama released on Jan. 10, fans have noticed this sweet action of Kim YoHan. He is seen protecting his fellow actress So JooYeon from the sun with his hands while the staff is taking care of her.

Fans could only love seeing that he is a gentleman on the set.

Check the moment at 1:38.

Kim YoHan is so sweet!

Are you watching the drama?


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