What Amber Thought Of f(x) Members Upon First Impression



What Amber Thought Of f(x) Members Upon First Impression

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Debuting as a member of a K-Pop group for an idol often entails meeting other idols who are assigned to be in the same group by the agency. And most of them seem to get along quite well as we haven’t seen many cases where members have serious issues amongst each other.

Amber recently appeared in an interview where she talked about the first impressions of each member of f(x).

She revealed that when she first met the members, she had no idea that they would be the trainees who would end up debuting with her.

“When I first met the girls, I did not know they were going to be my members. We are all just trainees together, and then until we get put into a group, we don’t know we’re a group. Krystal was I guess my first friend because she spoke English. Krystal would basically take me around everywhere, show me where to do this and do that. Luna is actually a lot more different than I initially thought. She was singing like power vocals, she did like popping and locking – no other girl trainee was doing that. Victoria… We didn’t really have an impression of each other because I barely saw her. She lived with me but I barely saw her.”

You can check the full interview below!


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