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The world can be a tough place a lot of times.

It's always heartbreaking to see young children who have difficulty fitting in with their peers. It might not be as bad as being bullied directly, but it still leaves them with a feeling of being uncared for.

Such was the case with a BTS fan who wrote a letter to V, telling him how lonely he was.

"Dear TaeHyung hyung,

Hello, my name is JiHoon and I'm nine years old. I am your fan. I also like the other BTS members too but I like you the most. I have no friends. When people look at me, I am unable to speak to them. I'm usually alone in the hallways during school. My mom introduced me to you guys. I listened to your music, watched your TV shows, and danced along to your choreography. I now feel like I have friends. Thank you for being my friend. My arm hurts right now so I'll write again soon. Good-bye."

What BTS Member V Had To Say To A Lonely Fan With No Friends


V personally responded to the letter.


"Hello JiHoon,

It's me V. Thank you so much for supporting BTS by listening to our music, watching our shows, and dancing along with us. You are very sweet. I am now your friend and so I want you to stay healthy and live every day happily. Let's meet someday when you are older. My arm hurts too so I will write again soon too."


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Jul 3, 2021 03:43 am

I just don't understand one thing. In all the comments below everyone is talking about v. Not that I have anything against him. Only all the bts members are magnificent and have a great heart, so why prefer one?