Despite having probably the busiest of schedules among K-Pop idols, EXO member SeHun is a man of genuine love.

Just recently on May 7th on Children's Day, SeHun secretly volunteered at a children's welfare shelter and helped out with some of the work that needed a few extra hands.

The K-Pop idol played games with the children throughout the day while also taking care of them. He even invested a lot of time into preparing a delicious meal for all of them as well.

There are many instances where a successful K-Pop idol would donate a large sum of money because they are unable to visit in person due to their busy schedules. However, SeHun has already visited the children several times.

The manager of the shelter has revealed that SeHun would drop in whenever he has the chance and spend time with the children. The children, of course, wait anxiously for their hero idol to return on the date he promised them. In addition to SeHun's admirable attitude and actions, EXO-L's have also contributed as well by sending donations.


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