We all know that Jeon SoMi leaving JYP Entertainment came as quite an unexpected surprise. After all, she was one of the K-Pop idols who we thought would most definitely be included in JYP Entertainment's upcoming new girl group.

And what was the real reason for her leaving the agency in the first place?

JYP Entertainment CEO Park JinYoung might have just given us a clue. Just recently on September 22nd, the K-Pop music producer posted his thoughts on Instagram regarding the issue.

What JYP Posted On Instagram The Day Before News Of Jeon SoMi Signing To YG


He stated in the first paragraph:

"Our agency was founded on principles and we ran our agency in a way to maintain those principles, leading us to implement strict regulations on our trainees. And because of this, we made it clear that we will not support trainees who broke our rules."

Netizens have been speculating that Jeon SoMi had to leave JYP Entertainment because she wasn't keeping certain rules within the company.

What do you think? Why do you think SoMi left JYP?


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