K-Pop girl group Red Velvet performed in North Korea last year, an occurrence that not many idols get to experience.

The group's leader and member Irene was seen photographed quite close to the hermit kingdom's dictator Kim JongUn, and has been one of the most talked about issues a while back. One analyst pointed out that it was likely Irene was placed close to Kim, as a way for the dictator to low key send a message to the world saying he is hip and also aware of mainstream culture.

So what does Irene have to say about this?

The K-Pop idol appeared on SBS's 'I'll Win You Over With My Channel' and was asked about her visit to North Korea. She stated:

"No it's not true. I wasn't placed close to him intentionally by anyone. Everything was somewhat chaotic after the performance, everyone was getting together in a quick manner to pose for the photograph. I just happened to be standing there."

What Red Velvet Irene Said About North Korean Dictator Kim JongUn



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