After leaving SM Entertainment about a year ago, SeoHyun has been active as an actress and walking a career path of her own. While the news of her leaving her long time home agency came as a shock to many fans, the Girls' Generation member has been embarking on a journey that has allowed her to grow as an individual.

She recently stated during an interview with Seoul Daily

"SM Entertainment is a perfect agency. And because of this, I had pretty much everything handed out to me. While I'm ever so grateful for everything that they've done for me, I wanted to be in an environment where I could do things on my own and not have everyone doing it for me."

What Rookies Can Learn From SeoHyun's Decision To Leave SM Entertainment


However, things weren't as rosy as they were back in her days in SM once she left the agency. For the first time in her life, she experienced failure and hardships. But she expressed that while she missed SM Entertainment during times of difficulty, she never had any regrets with her decision to leave.

"I experienced things I never have when I left SM. I had to take responsibility on my own, study harder about the ins and outs within the business, and meet various types of people."

As for the question of whether she would be performing again as a singer any time soon, she expressed her will to do so for the sake of the fans who wish to see her again on stage, while also revealing that there were songs that were being developed at the moment. An exact release time period has not yet been confirmed.


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