Korean American singer Roy Kim, who was recently reported to be a participant of one of Jung JoonYoung's scandalous chat rooms that were used for distributing explicit video clips of women that were filmed through hidden cameras, is the latest celebrity to be linked with the ongoing scandal.

According to reports from South Korean news agency Insight, Roy Kim talked about why he got in to music in the first place. He stated that having attended an all boys school, he was looking to find ways to get girls. And the reports emphasized that he wasn't out to make any girlfriends, and that he became a musician because he "wanted" girls.

Roy Kim is currently in the US for his studies and his agency has stated that he will be returning to South Korea to be questioned and investigated by the South Korean authorities soon.

The investigations will attempt to find out whether Roy Kim was just a participant of the chat room or involved in distributing illegal explicit videos.

Stay tuned for updates!


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